Hwat He said is a good idea, all dese money dat we 've been...

Izabelle - April 12 2011, 7:03 PM

hwat He said is a good idea, all dese money dat we 've been giving away to the U N but before they do dat they need 2 renforced our police cuz if the got anough equipement they will be able on their own 2 face those dat they suppose 2 face u guys know what i mean it will be a great idea if the next president think about dat je veux dire le president elu i mean about renforcing our police buy enough equipement so they can assured the people safety and etablish a dats is djan'm but about telling now for Preval 2 tell people dat the U N should not be up 2 him the president who 's now and those who living in haitian can deside whether or not they wnat the UN 2 go.

c juste mon point d' vue

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