Could Rwanda be an example for Haiti

Jude Joseph - April 11 2011, 1:30 PM

Hello everyone,

Allow me to share some experiences since I am living in Rwanda for the last 3 years.

First, Rwanda was in worst positions than Haiti; political, security, economicaly, employement, education, etc...

But, Rwanda got a Leader called Mr. Paul Kagame, in 1994, but as President in 2000 and since Rwanda, He was not a politician, but he loves his people and proud of his identity, so Rwanda has developed extremely fast.

He pushed to make sure that Rwandan take their own future in their hand and make people accountable and responsible for their action, but most important thing is he knew that no one could understand, help, develop Rwanda except Rwanda themself.

Imagime after the Genocide no foreign troops, forces, UN to put their feet in Rwanda, because knowing if they put their feet in Rwanda they will never want to leave and instead of helping, they will just destroy, like they have been done in Republic Democratic of Congo (RDC)

UN has its troops Republic Democratic of Congo (RDC) since 1999 and they have not much.

Last year (2010) staff from National Bank of Haiti was in Rwanda to learn how they could implement system from Rwanda to Haiti.

Hundreds of Rwandan police forces are in Haiti helping, they are even in Sudan since 2003.

When I sit down and analyze, Rwanda Government took less than 10 years to create, professional police forces, military forces, grow their economy, security (by the way Rwanda is the most secure and safe country in the region, even better than USA. Now, after a Genocide which killed more than 800,000 His Leader developed his country so fast that it does not past a month without senators, politicians, etc...

all over the world visit Rwanda to learn and see how Rwanda has develop with get help from foreign troops, specially UN.

Frankly speaking Haiti was not in WAR, but UN sent is troops there for the last 11 years and until now they have done nothing.

My advise to our new President is called Mr. Paul Kagame, or ask Rwanda Government some advices and try to take what can be helpfull for Haiti.

First, calculate the number of peacekeeps we have in Haiti and multiply this number by at least by 10, this is the number of jobs you can create right away for Haitians.

UN has created jobs for their people not for Haitians.

I am not against UN, but Haitains can do much better, like Rwandans did and we can see the difference


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

One guy from Barbados told me the same thing three days ago. Will they accept to help? Only Cuba gives true help and shows love naturaly to Haiti. more »

Jude Joseph says...

Rwandan peacekeepers introduce Umuganda to Haiti HAITI - Besides maintenance of law and order by providing security to Haitians, Rwanda National... more »