Betrayal Conspiracy: CIA-Haitian Settlers In Haiti

Toulimen - April 11 2011, 11:22 AM

I thank you for your kindness toward my deep appreciation for Haiti in the liberation fight.

Haiti has no other problems than the U.S.CIA, USCIS and certain Haitian settlers that refuse to let the country grow and prospere.

The United States is killing Haitian dissidents who are against its cultural invasion of the Haitian culture in Haiti whereas some Haitian settlers want to retain market monopoly in Haiti by not allowing other businesses to compete with them. Haitian problems cannot be solved without solving this conspiracy theory that is detroying the country and Haitians as well. Haiti could have been a better country for years if the U.S. policy were aimed for economic development and not colonization.

All Haitians want to repeat Rev. Jessee Jackson is this: The United States must stop destroying Haiti and the Haitian elites must see the needs to develop Haiti for their fellow citizens to end his quote.

The reason you could not invest there was because those settlers did not want you to stay in your country to help your fellow citizens.

If you go there and create jobs for yourself and your family, they will not be able to make money on them through their banks, transfer money locations and rental cars to name a few. Haitian settlers (CAM, UNIBANK, UNITRANSFER and others) are lazy and along with Western Union they take us for their slaves.

We have to work hard here as slaves to feed our loved ones while feeding them as well. We must fight very hard to end this vicious cycle of betrayal conspiracy in Haiti.

May the Almighty One watch over you and bless you as well!

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