Commenting on Preval's request is a waste of time. We ought to...

Bwawozo - April 10 2011, 11:27 PM

Commenting on Preval's request is a waste of time. We ought to redirect this energy and take this momentum and grow away from the Preval era.THe time has come for Haitians to begin thinking big and begin to ask Hatians for Haiti's needs.

We need not to continue to look up to the UN or these countries who see us as a country of beggars, helpless and miserable.The time has come for us to want good schools for our teachers to learn to teach our children, water purification systems and power plants for electricity in our homes in the country side and for our factories; government import of heavy equipment and affordable loans to utilize these equipments and develop the agriculture;beautiful beaches and resort hotels for the diaspora to come and spend thus supporting the economy; a national health care to combat disease and make the "Gryo and banann peze" clean again on the sidewalk;
Enough with the Preval and his mentality of little poor country...

with Duvalier and Aristide...PReval needs to pack whatever he had left in the collapse Palais and go up to Marmelade where he needs to convince the people up there to let him stay. (I am sure they will let him stay).


they should anyway.

There, he can contact the UN and say whatever he needs to say. But as far as the rest of us, let's give our kids the Haiti we miss.
Tet Kale

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