Should we trust Mr Clinton, he is a lovable man because he is...

Yves Binbin - April 9 2011, 7:08 PM

Should we trust Mr Clinton, he is a lovable man because he is a good
ORATOR but we all know that he speaks with both sides of his mouth.I
heard him talking about mortgage in Haiti but he need to put the money in Haiti's national bank to build goverment owned buildings for the victims of the earthquake because they are not employed, tell me how they are going to be qualified to have a mortgage.

The money that Mr Bill collects on behalf of the earthquake victims should be used to get these people out of the champ de Mars.The government should build small 20 apartment buildings and the apartments should be one and two bedrooms.Let support our elected President because he seems to care, i like when he said that we need to stop begging.

Haiti has a lot of natural ressources that the more developed countries are stealing right under our nose. micky should be the one telling Bill clinton what we need.

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