It is about time someeone thinks about haiti like a human...

Marise Louis - April 9 2011, 1:40 PM

It is about time someeone thinks about haiti like a human being.

Haitian people are still in slavery.

Only this time the chains are not in their ankles but they entertwined in their brains.

A good friend of mine once told me one day she went to an Affair for Tossaint Louverture where there was a lot of Haitians, a well known American/Italian Priest and a black Mayor who adored our people.

He wanted to make a Sister City with Arcahaie.

Unfortunately, we always fight like cats and dogs. He died, God blesses his soul.

The priest who always collects funds and grants under a NGO for Haiti and himself (even has lands, houses and schools over there) got up and started to introduce the Haitians and their ancestors (origin).

While the people piled up in a corner just like the way they were in a pick up trucks before being sold to their masters after arriving from Africa the Mayor got up and said, "WHY YOU HAITIAN PEOPLE AFTER ALL THESE STUDIES AND KNOWLEDGE STILL NEED OR ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE TO TALK FOR YOU".


My friend was upset and she just left the meeting...

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To achieve this goal Michel Martelly must be housed...

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