Steps to rebuild Haiti

Patrick Cherubin - April 9 2011, 11:34 AM

Mr President,

The country has elected you because of your humanity and what you could offer for Haiti"s reconstruction.

Over the years Haiti has been failed by a priest, by army generals and the list goes on and on. The opportunity that is offered to you is really a great chance for you to change the course of Haiti infamy.

A lot of money has been poured in Haiti over the years but there is no visible change to show for it. I think you should looked for countries to help in the reconstruction by giving them a project to accomplish in a location, let them handle the whole aspect of it from top to bottom.

Infrastucture would be a great start, roads, water, electricity and so on.
Just have the countries pledge on a project basis from start to finish, I think it will be a great start to help haiti rebuild.

You never know a Musician could turn out to have a better sense of civic duty than all the previous crooks that held the presidential office in Haiti.

History will judge you well in the future if you turn out to be the one that made a difference in Haiti..

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