How important for us to understand when to speak when to be...

Jean Louis - April 8 2011, 9:00 PM

How important for us to understand when to speak when to be silent, with all the respect for President Martelly I believe he could have done better.

He need time to prepare before appear in those interview the president was under a lot of pressure.

First question was what is the plan for job when Haiti has a lot of people unemployed?

Well Mr. President went all over with a simple question, He need to put together a plan for Job creation, by training Haitian citizen to be able to response to the need of qualify construction worker, to rebuilt Haiti.

My comment he does not have to answer these questions now because he has plenty of time to prepare a team. when He bring the Army topic into the conversation that was irrelevant, there was not time for that this was a Job plan question

Error)Many people seams to forget it was an earthquake not hurricane, Mr. President state Hurricane, I'm show He was aware of that.

Also the Question about Baby Doc?

important to viewer and people who was victim by that regime.

I think Mr. President miss an opportunity to send a message of forgiveness and amnesty for all, not to doge important question like that, the president is the chief for all government structure specially the Justice system he could have answer with something better.

(Comment) I want to congratulate President Martelly for his victory and also He need some time to rest and have his speech writer to prepare interview before appear in such interview, that will give the chief Executive time to think about what the chief of state is about to say before saying it now is the time for serious business.

The President was calling out names that produce other question he was not ready to answer.

Far is the last question he can be prepare for question like that on his interview but also the way he answer will make a big deference, because the image right now is not yet serious.

I was waiting for a better interview with a plan to remove 1 million people out of the streets and the code enforcement before begin the rebuilding process to better built Haiti in order to stand when future natural disaster.

The Question about a lot of money for rebuilding and corruption?

The president does not have any money in his hand. the funding will be disburse according to the interim committee.

Now the President and his government will have to propose sustainable project where the house of representative have to vote and pass the project for funding, that is where the president need to have vision of long term project to guide the money to spend in the right project that will last for generation to come and remove the people off the streets.

Housing, Job training, Highway, Universities, Hospitals, Technology, Waste Management & recycling Service, train all government employees, and restore government structure.

In closing I'm glad and also thank God this is over that show the nation is still strong, we are real ginnen( Neg Nago, Neg West Africa, Neg Congo) now what's next will the people under the tents continue to suffer while the money collected on they behalph still collecting interest or will some body remember to help remove them off the streets



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