Agriculture and land management are very important to create...

Alain Rousseau - April 8 2011, 7:27 PM

Agriculture and land management are very important to create jobs and provide food nationally, I agree.

To make tourism a major part of our economy is however a more ambitious Idea and if marketted properly can bring revenues for all Haitians to really enjoy life. Entertainment is our second nature, that's no rocket science for us. We just need stability in the sense of security and safety.

Clean up and make Haiti look nice like it use to be when I was growing up, 1979-1983,and we can start seeing the unemployment rate decrease tremendously.

Let accomodation be our duty, cheap hotels, five star barbancours rhum, consonmin, du riz cole. We are nice people so show a smile.

start a little restaurant by the ocean.

play some reggae and some compas.

Let's make Haiti a get away resort paradise.

A place people can come enjoy themselves and do things they can't do in their country.


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