Yves nailed it right on, I cant agree more, we need to educate...

William Evens Josma - April 8 2011, 4:00 PM

Yves nailed it right on, I cant agree more, we need to educate the people, my people have been suffering for way to long not it is time to teach them the way things need to be done, I didn't like President Martelly at first but i knew he would do something because he is the type who isn't scare to say what he think when he knows that he is right.Mr.Martelly shows the character of a Leader and, as an elected Leader he has to be honest towards the people who elected him. The ARMY project has to be forgotten and replace by EDUCATE THE KIDS, they are the ONES that will solve the long term situation in Haiti.GUNS have been proven ineffective all over the World.

Modern Technology will resurface Haiti's Land, Military Power of Uneducated Soldiers will simply limit any growth.

we need the arm of knowledge and an army of intellectual so our Haitian brothers and sisters can us their battalion of love to rebuild Haiti cherie.

Previous Haitian Dictators used it and see the results

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