Please tell me it ain't so! reading this rumor alone make me...

Tiba - April 8 2011, 3:51 PM

Please tell me it ain't so! reading this rumor alone make me feel as if I got hit in my lower abdomen with a baseball bat and cut the oxygen right out of me. And now I can't breath.

I will redraw all my support for Martelly if he picks Bellerive as prime minister of his government.

Martelly talked about change thoughtout his campaign and the people voted him into office as an agent of change.

Keeping an incompetent and mediocre prime minister in his government is NOT change.

It is about the samo, samo, the revolving door all over again.

Bellerive can't even run a Burger King let alone a country.

Gade Sweet Micky, pinga ou ranse avek pep tande!

Keeping Bellerive will show the first sign of Martelly's incompetence and mediocrity and that will be the starting point of my criticism of Martelly

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