Wait a minute aint they related or something? I think they are...

Marleine - April 8 2011, 11:42 AM

Wait a minute aint they related or something?

I think they are cousin Im not sure I have to check my source but why not use him for now since he knows about the reconstruction and all for Haiti and then fire him later if things are not working with him..I personally dont think its a bad idea...Preval make him look bad but Bellerive is a very intelligent man..

It is for Martelly to determine base on his plan to choose which Prime Minister Best qualify for the job..

Wyclef should not be the prime minister at all he have no political experience or background.

The responsability of a Prime is vaste and knowledge of the counrty plan and necessity is a must.

Prime minister choices are critical for haiti, as a Prime minister you are becoming the president right hand.

Those tasks and projects need intensif supervision and great team player.

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Yes Marleine, you're correct, I learned that they are...

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