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Alain Rousseau - April 7 2011, 10:05 PM

"by all means necessary" we must go foward.

for a smal country like haiti entertainment, good food and tourism is where the money is at.
we must clean up, show stability so the tourist can come enjoy our paradise Island.

You talked about agriculture and education for all during your campaign.

Also let's provide universal health care.
France owes us a lot more than what they're paid so far.
vamo nos. let"s work.

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Jgc says...

3 comments 1) Haiti is not really that small. It is in fact a large territory that is folded (crumpled) into a little space. Try flattening the... more »

Alain Rousseau says...

Agriculture and land management are very important to create jobs and provide food nationally, I agree.To make tourism a major part of our economy... more »