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Commandante12 - April 6 2011, 11:59 PM

We are urging every Haitians to start documenting any of the following crimes that will be committed by this pro Duvalierist, pro CIA, pro banditry regime:
crimes, direct and indirect executions, abuse of authority, corruptions, extravaganza, viols or rape, sexual coercions for job, vices, embezzlement, check morts, frauds, vicious and malicious arrests, false imprisonment, introduction of vices such as homosexuality, illicit drugs and the names of their suspected henchmen, fillette lolos, spies.

Send your reports to: commandante12 at
You don't have to give your name. Use libraries or internet cafes to send your info, if you are afraid of using your work site or your house computer
Remember to write the e-mail correctly because the symbol at ** at ** will not show up in this writing.

After you write commandante12 look on the left of the keyboard and use the symbol that is located above the number 2 and insert it in the e-mail replace the letter x after the number 12 for the at symbol.

Remember to put yahoo.

in if you put yahoo .com I will not receive it

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Jasmine says...

to commandante12 at Commandante12 you have a good idea regarding how to keep this bandit and depraved character in check to prevent him and... more »