Damebochie, Haiti may need a Ti Simone because they tend to be...

Jynee - April 5 2011, 6:33 PM


Haiti may need a Ti Simone because they tend to be extremely clean with good taste.

Haiti will be clean and chic! I'm sure This Ti Simone will turn Haiti into a nice tourist spot, the undiscovered gem of the caribbean instead of the poorest country in the western hemisphere or the republic of the NGOs! It may just take a Ti Simone to clean up Haiti's mess!If he delivers, I will take a Ti Simone any day over the vole visie ki fin devore peyi-a and I believe so would you. a dose of skepticism is healthy afterall the Haitian People has been duped time and time again.

So even though I am optimistic, I still expect him to deliver and hope he learns from Aristide ouster in 2004 and the current rejection of Preval and anyone connected to Preval.

The Haitian People will bring you up and spit you out just as quick if you fail to deliver.

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Haiti needed a Ti Simone leader and yesterday they...

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