Kathleen Merzier - April 5 2011, 10:10 AM

Good morning President Martelly,

I congratulate you on your victory as the president of Haiti.

My name is Mrs. Kathleen Merzier and I am a Haitian-American born in the U.S. I love Haiti and grieve many of the atrocities over the past. I believe you and the right officials will do the right thing for Haiti and the Haitian population all over the world.

I pray the Lord to grant you wisdom, humility and success in serving the nation of Haiti.

I do have a question: am I able to as American born citizen attain dual citizenship?

I am so excited and want to in the next few years serve the country as a health professional.

I want my children also to have the priveledge to come and go to Haiti and call it home. God bless you and your family Mr. Presisdent.

Kathleen Merzier and family

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