good news for mr. martelly:job creation in haiti

Frsntz Turene - April 5 2011, 8:11 AM

Dear Mr. President, Michel Martelly:

We would like to congratulate you for winning the presidency of Haiti.

We support your government by creating 4320 permanent new jobs from Capital Cash Secure, Corp ( www,
We will expand the employment of 4320 in 144 counties in Haiti of Fiscal January 2011- Dec 2014.
We plan to modernize the old processing system by offering prepaid debit card services to help Haitian population secure their cash and protect their lives against thieves and criminals are stealing their purses and wallets in the streets.

We also help business leaders to secure and store less cash in their businesses for their safety and protection.

We allow you and your team to announce of creating 4320 permanent new jobs in Haiti to the media also at your inauguration of presidency.

We are already hired 40 new employees that start working on April, 2011.
Please feel free to consult us at 888-489-3222 509-3701-2615 954-678-8162

We are looking forward to meeting with you and your staff as soon as possible.

Very respectfully yours,

Frantz Turene, President & CEO
Direct Line: 954-678-8162

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