The middle-class son of a petroleum plant supervisor, Martelly...

Rode - April 4 2011, 6:15 PM

The middle-class son of a petroleum plant supervisor, Martelly taught himself to play the piano by ear. After graduating from high school and unsuccessfully attempting to study medicine (Michel Martelly was never admitted to the Medical school in Haiti.

People with connection often get admitted to Haiti's public University, Martelly was admitted to the Faculte des Sciences, he failed his courses and left the school), Martelly was briefly enlisted in the Haitian Military Academy before dropping out after impregnating a General's daughter.[7] He emigrated to the United States with an American wife, where he enrolled at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado and worked in a local grocery store.

In 1986, after just one semester, he divorced and returned to Haiti just as Jean-Claude Duvalier, then president-for-life, was heading into exile.

He returned stateside with his then-girlfriend, Sophia, and married her in Miami, Florida and had his first child, Olivier.[8] Martelly continued to work on a construction site for a year until moving back to Haiti in 1987. Upon their return to Haiti, Martelly began playing keyboard as a fill-in gigger in local venues in Petionville and Kenscoff, suburbs of Port-au-Prince.

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Michel is not educated,no political experiences.Please spare haiti from this harmangedon.

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