Wapsuiv, Sa se mesaj Mulet voye ba partner'l Preval. Since...

Jynee - April 4 2011, 2:14 PM


Sa se mesaj Mulet voye ba partner'l Preval.

Since they're use to stealing elections all the time, He's telling his homeboy to accept defeat.

It's not that he and the international backers don't want to steal this election but they can't! Pep la kanpe an kwa e li di li pa nan gryen dan ak oken vole fwa sa. So he nicely telling preval, bro you win some you lose some! So Preval, let it go buddy, game over! You lose! The people won! Mulet and the international overlords aren't happy but they know when to cut their loss. Right now they're planning how turn Martelly on their side. Preval is a has been for them. Martelly watch out becuase the international overlords are looking for you to sell the soul of Haiti for thirty piece of silver.

First they reject you, then they try to buy you then they destroy you! Learn from Duvalier, learn from the generals who give the coup d'etats namphy, avril, cedras, learn from those the people elect en mass Aristide, Preval! You don't have to like them but learn from their mistake and don't repeat them! Be very Careful President Martelly, Haiti has enough wealth to feed the people, please don't sign stupid contracts selling assets worth billions so you can make a few cents on the side! Don't sell the cow for a glass of milk because you haven't figure out how to milk the cow on your own! It doesn't matter if we don't the technology to mine our resources, do not sell! Haiti resources belong to its people! Do not sell us out! They same way we are fighting to put you in, the same way we will fight to put you out! Do not leave power like the rest in pure disgrace! Keep your words! Don't let the Eagle blind you with its greenback!

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