Ayiti, Well said! By now it should be obvious that Haiti is...

Jynee - April 4 2011, 1:09 PM

Well said! By now it should be obvious that Haiti is not in this predicament becuase of lack of experience of its leadership.

Haiti regress instead of progress due to the Bad faith (mauvaise foi) of its leadership.

Their vision is not to build a better country but a better life for themselves and their family and their associates.

They all succeed thus far in achieving their goal of enriching themselves and their associates.

If their goals were to move the country forward, Haiti would have been the pearl of the Caribbean.

People are taking their chances with Martelly because they hope maybe this time this guy has good faith maybe he really do care to change the country.

Haiti has enough experts in it and abroad to make the country beneficial for all. Most Haitians I know would jump at the opportunity to share their expertise to turn the place into a caribbean paradise.

The issue has always been the previous leaders successful efforts at keeping good decent Haitians away from public administrative functions.

Good decent Haitians don't believe in stealing public funds just to enrich themselves, they actually want to peform their duties and help the country but how can could a leader steal surrounded by good decent Haitians?

So they create a climate to keep decent folks away. A leader who wants change will create a climate that attract good decent Haitians in Haiti and from every corner of the world to return home even if temporary to share their knowledge and expertise to help the administration move the country forward.

If you are a true patriot, you may not like the guy but if he create an environment where you can invest your knowledge, expertise or funds, you would.

Not for him but for the livess you may change through your investment.

All I think we require is a desire to run Haiti like a normal country with rules of law and security, not a mass ghetto
controlled by thugs in suits.

If he manges to do that than all of us will do the rest.

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Since good commucication is what can relax all...

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