Since good commucication is what can relax all frustration; i...

Ayiti - April 4 2011, 11:16 AM

Since good commucication is what can relax all frustration; i am therefore, really enjoying our communcation.

I know that i am older than, and i also know that i must learn from the youth in hope that the youth can learn from my years.

Listen please!

Would you go to a Doctor, or Nurse if your leg was broken?

Yes i would, and so would anybody in their right mind.
But if i was in the woods and there was not a nurse or doctor, but there was a carpenter cutting some woods or a musician playing the violon, i would still go to them and ask for the help. Simply because i am in my right mind, and i know that with their help i am better off, than to lie down and wait for a doctor or nurse.

Haiti is down with a broken leg and in the last 25 years, everybody has been feeling sorry for it, but no one really attended to it. Not the intellectuals, not the elite and not the politicians.

Here comes this musician vagabond and the passion of his heart for his peaople takes him back to Haiti, and he is trying to help Haiti get to a doctor or a nurse.

I remember Ti Manno of Gemini All Stars to be the first one that took this path - may the Lord give his soul the peace that he deserves.

May Michel be blessed enough to help the youth of Haiti.

Would you go to a Musician with a broken leg. Most likely not, right?

I have just answered the question, above.

This guy has a bad temper.

Who does have a temper my dear. Preval was cool as a banana what did he do in 10years?

Let us help the young ones to think clearly.

May God bless you!

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I respect your rebuttal, but let me ask you this...

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