Mr. President, Someday students in Universities studying...

Ronald Altieri - April 4 2011, 7:14 AM

Mr. President,

Someday students in Universities studying history across our Haiti will know that you had given voice to the cries and tears of the youth of Haiti, in a manner unsurpassed in our story.

On that day and time, they will be filled with pride in the dignity of knowing that there was this musician; this avant-garde artist who heard the silent cries of its people through the eyes of the children and excelled in that responsibility.

May the spirit of our ancestors and of those who have died on January 12 lift your spirit to always know that you will always be remembered with dignity in your moral journey to remove Haiti's tears with a conscience and a smile.

You have been elected by the people as the next President of Haiti since March 20th and nothing can change that in history; for history will testify to itself no matter what the story is behind the people's vote of confidence.

Thank you for your dream for Haiti.

God Bless Haiti.

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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