I hear you loud and clear Jynee. But allow me to say this, it...

Neg Maron - April 3 2011, 6:03 PM

I hear you loud and clear Jynee.

But allow me to say this, it is well understood that the CEP are the underwears of Preval and that the the US has a clear role in this election and future of Haiti.


But the biggest factor in this election is not the US or Preval or percentage numbers; the biggest factor in this election is the will of the Haitian youth to change country by any means necessary.

I declare that the Haitian youth's willingness or unwillingness to sacrifice for their vote will decide this election.

Nothing else will - not Preval, not Mirlande, not the CEP and not the US.
This time belongs to the Haitian youth.

This time belongs to the world's youth; Obama is of this time; Tunisia is of this time; Egypt is of this time and Haiti is at the forefront of democratic principles.

Haiti needs to right now in this moment answer its historic call to let the world know that we are economically with many serious problems, but that we will enrich our minds with the democratic principles to start solving our serious problems - that starts tomorrow, not yesterday but tomorrow.

The Haitian youth will not allow this chance for the world to hear that we do champion democracy and we will fight for it in any way possible if there is no choice.

The will of the Haitiain youth will decide this election come hell or high water.

Everybody knows that the Haitian youth is a ready-to-explode bomb, and tomorrow will decide whether they smile or explode.

Unfortunately, that is the hard core truth and reality.

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