The marines are there to help out in case Haiti descended into...

Jynee - April 3 2011, 4:42 PM

the marines are there to help out in case Haiti descended into a civil war. the us state dept is aware of preval plan to force the cep to announce that manigat win by 51%.

The US State dept also want Manigat but they are aware that Martelly won by 69% of the votes.

Ambassador Merten told the US dept that Preval may not get away with the fraud this time because it is too obvious.

He has warned the US that Haiti may have a real civil war as both side are armed.

The people are pissed and there will be bloodshed.

Even within Preval camp there are division, some are siding with Martelly others still feel that the want Manigat and they are going to shove it down the people's throat.

Merten and others are trying to convince Preval to back up and at least let the CEP announce a 51% win for Martelly that way manigat can pose a challenge.

So the ball is in preval court, he will decide who wins and let CEP knows who to announce as the winner.

That's accoding to a buddy who works in the haitian govt.

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