Being born in captivity doesn't have to turn one into animal...

Garry Destin - April 3 2011, 4:02 PM

Being born in captivity doesn't have to turn one into animal or worse.

remembering the past helps one to evolve into the future.

Men don't live for food alone that is what the bible say. living for food alone, you have no soul. Even God doesn't see you as human, you become a wasted mind, or should say something for scientific experiments because you don't feel pain, hurt, shame nor filth.

As long as you belly is full, you good to go till the next meal.
Five or so years ago, Preval bought them with food, Aristide bought them with food and now Manigat is about to buy them with food once more.
After the massive earthquake, religious leaders went there and convert them for food. They dis the with food. Here again Aristide came and said "I'll put you all in a little house where I'll be your father and manigat your mother" which means I'll keep your "N" ass in the street like animals as you are as long as I feed you enough not to die, you'll be fine.
People like that should be destroyed.

They should screen the country and all animal human look alike should be consentrated.

Haiti been stock with the captived poor class.

They hate Haiti, this is why outside of Haiti, they claim themselves as other nationality.

They hate the men and women who freed them from slavery.

They hate even their own colors/race.

They hate the religion that kept them alive for hundreds of years of slavery.

But the love their master's food, language, hatered and most of all the master's religion; all for the food
Please when I say poor, I don't mean monitary broke.

We have millions who are monitarely destitute but mentally rich and these individuals want the best for their country.

Although I hate violence but the mentally bankrupted animalistic being should be chambered, they are a waste of spaces in an already full place.

For too long president want to be's have rule the country because of these voided things for food.

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Garry i have read some very good stuff from you, but...

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