Senator Youri Latortue and his group of magouyeurs are behind...

Carmin Vledio - April 3 2011, 1:27 PM

Senator Youri Latortue and his group of magouyeurs are behind all this progaganda to paint Martelly's supporters as blood hungry if they loose.

Loose what?

Let me tell you something! Do not believe anything that Senator Lartortue and Senator Lambert are involved in, because whatever it is they are involved is not in the benefit of Haiti or its people.

You already know that to be true. They know how to play in the heads of those who can not see beyond what they have offered Haiti, and that is nothing.

Let us instead think about something, instead of thinking of about Senator Lartortue and group of blood sucking vipers.

What have these people done for Haiti in the last decades except for putting pressure on the poor people in other to fill their power hungry egoes.

Let us move forward in thinking about a better day for Haiti, and it starts on May 14th with Michel.

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