I would not like to be the person to tell the youth of Haiti...

Okapokay - April 3 2011, 11:03 AM

I would not like to be the person to tell the youth of Haiti tomorrow that their popular vote is trash.

Michel has the popular vote. The youth of Haiti want Michel.

Michel will be President.

If you do not think that Martelly will be president, then tell me who will stop him from becoming president?

The CEP and high government officials is scared shitless right, and have been sending their family members to Dominican Republic, Guapeloupe, Martinique and Cuba since last Tuesday.

Would you like to be the one that tells the ready-to-explode youth of Haiti that Michel did not win the popular vote, when he did comfortably.

The yound generation of today is not the same as that of old.

This is a different generation, and no one can steal their vote and noone will.

Michel J. Martelly will be the next president of Haiti, it does not matter how long and ugly the process will be. It does not matter if they announce it tomorrow or 24 Decembre.

It's Tet Kale time! Sesalye e sesalpralye.

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I totally agree okapokay, tout pale sayo se bondanini...

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