Where is The Haitian President & Prime Minister?

Barbara Smith - April 3 2011, 9:11 AM

Is there a Haitian President or Prime Minister in Haiti, i have not heard a word from them; aren't they supposed to be running and guiding the country with their government.

Is this what i have donated my money to. I think the world is being taken for a ride by these Haitian politicians and the CEP with their rich friends.

I just read something about people buying manchetes to cut their own family to pieces.

Hey, if they have enough money to buy manchetes, and the courage to chop their own family up to pieces, that means they are doing fine economically and that they have courage it will take for them to fix and clean their country.

Sadly enough, after they chop each other up, and burn the broken houses down on live television my church and hospital volunteers will be planning to go there to construct and heal the wounds.

But this time i will not go, nor will i donate any money.

May God forgive me, but God helps those who helps themselves and i need to help myself.

Let the Haitians help themselves, so that God can help them.

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