I wish that I could hug you, and shake your hand. They will...

Josy - April 2 2011, 3:16 PM

I wish that I could hug you, and shake your hand. They will even kill their own grandchildren, and eat them. My brothers, and sisters are evil. Husbands will kill the wives they were meant to protect, or turn them into zombies and vice versa.

I left the country at the age of 15, and heard horror stories.

The only thing that I can, and will do for Haiti is pray. We need revival, and deliverance.

I just got back from a cruise, and you should see the other islands.

I was crying, and they treat tourists right.

I walked around with money in my pouch, and did not feel scared.

The streets are clean, and the countries are moving forward.

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Are you sure? We practice a silent type of violence...

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