Are you sure? We practice a silent type of violence all the...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 2 2011, 7:21 AM

Are you sure?

We practice a silent type of violence all the time cause we are like the snake.

We kill with voodoo,(that's not violence?)
We cruch innocent babies in pilon for sacrifices,(that, s not violence?)
We abuse the less unfortunates one in our home, even when the unfortunated one gives service in the house.

(abuse a restaveg, that's not violence?)
When zinglindo rapes and force a son to rape his mother in the front of the whole family,(that's not violence?)
Think before you say that Haitians are not violent nation.

Thanks to God i am just an asshole, if i was God i would sink the whole Island for a couple of days.
But i know God have a better plan for Haiti.

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Haitians are not violent people as others like to...

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