There is a manchete that has been in the arsenal of weapons...

Ronald Altieri - April 2 2011, 6:42 AM

There is a manchete that has been in the arsenal of weapons since the begining of time; it has been used often in mankind's struggles since antiquity, but most who have sight with their eyes and no insight with their minds do not know of its existence.

This manchete is invisible.

Yes, this manchete is invisible, it can not be held in your hands; in fact it can not even be touched.

This manchete is the power of a person' mind to overcome and cut through the satanic obstacles of lucifer with the love and light in his or her mind.

This manchete's energy is to be used to fight RAPE, MURDER, CHILD ABUSE, CHILD PROSTITUTION, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, FAMINE, NO MEDICAL CARE, ILLITERACY, SOCIAL DIVISION, ARM CONFLICTS ABD SATANISM, and it cuts them with love; with prayer in the light of hope for a better day.

This manchet is the 'Power of Love'.

This manchete is best used by a person with the conscience that we are all sisters and brothers; that we are one family and that we should be one for all and all for one.

You can not buy this manchete anywhere, but with your humility and submission to that which has brought you into existence in the light of love, and by that which you welcome into your soul you will be able to grab it and swing it with the beat of your heart singing a silent melody of love.

Spread the love and extinguish the hate.
Can you see it!
Can you feel it!

Gob bless you and God Bless Haiti.

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