You misunderstood my comment sr. Joseph. I was not talking...

Wilkesse Dorsainvil - April 1 2011, 5:47 PM

You misunderstood my comment sr. Joseph.

I was not talking about religion.

Anyone who have respect for God, the one who can decide at anytime for or against human beings as God was decided at Noah time, would undrestand me.

I know most of cannibals who like to eat human fleh will not agree with me.
Friends, How many lives that were destroyed by voodou peoples, bury peoples alive for power, kidnaping, and in the night voodou men/women transform into animals to harm other human beings, that what I am t alking about brother.

we need technology, education, security, a life compare to the peoples who live in the Usa and Canada where peoples can get jobs and stay home.

If voodou a good thing for Haiti, let use it to develop technology, making cars, airplanes, boats, cell phone ect.

If we put God first in everything, Haiti will survive again but if we put God aside, we will continue to live in poverty and division.

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