You know about that too late. You forgot to mention TIRES...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 1 2011, 12:38 PM

You know about that too late.
You forgot to mention TIRES, ROPES (Pelebrin Kod pou yo mare moun'n),it's even worse.

It's not a secret, CEP,PREVAL, ARISTID (the father of boule mounn)this time he will smell his close friends flesh burning first.

One more thing this time i was told the people use heavy grease in the tires.

I mean the tires already have grease on them.

:) you will not find a use tire in the street now.
When the time is ready, they will not burning it either in the street.

This time it's for know!!!!!!!!!the rest

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all I hope Aristide, Preval and Manigat get arested...

Mr jean-piere li sad pou ap repete bagay sa yo. yon...

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