Haitians are not violent people as others like to label them...

Brenda - April 1 2011, 10:01 AM

Haitians are not violent people as others like to label them as!How do you think you (in general) would deal with the Haitian government not taking care of it's country?

How would you deal being in 'survival mode' everyday and everynight.

Living to protect your family and yourself, living without food, clean water and angry neighbours?

The whole world needs to stop this naunsense! Haitian are wonderful people they are just trying to 'live' and stay alive.

You think they want to be angry and violent?

If you think that you are ignorant to there situation and need to be educated.

It scares me that the stores are SOLD OUT of machetes in Haiti! This means the people are terrified for their lives and families! God keep the Haitians strong and give them your faith to carry on and 'live'.

My comments are not pointed toward anyone specific, just my feelings about people in general! We need to help Haiti!

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Are you sure? We practice a silent type of violence...

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