Premature Publication of Election Results

Cden - March 31 2011, 11:34 AM

I was very surprised at BelPoltik who posted the Unofficial Eleciton Result
of Mr Stanley Lucas on 3/24/2011.

Apparently you people are not paying attention to the Warning that CEP gave out on 3/11/2011 according to the Electoral Act of Article 194 it's Illegal to post election results before the official result comes out. We have to learn to follow the Rules & Regulations thats put before us. Printing Fake election results can only create problems & confusions and the responsible partys may be held accountable.

It's not surprising now they are finding fraud with the results.

How can you post something whithout the officials (C.E.P) having knowledge of it first.

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Marie says...

cden you just find out that belpolitik belong to martelly familly more »

Cden says...

It should not matter Marie who or what belongs to whom, Rules & Regulations are to be followed by everybody. When you don't follow the law people... more »