Bonsoa pep haitienne Well when I went to haiti myself In april...

Gavriel The Jew - March 29 2011, 8:39 PM

Bonsoa pep haitienne
Well when I went to haiti myself In april 1981.this Is when I met my future wife Marie from carrefour.this was doing the time of jean claude Duvalier.for myself who Is jewish.

marie was the best and most precious gift haiti could have ever given me.
In august of 1982 marie became a resident of the U.S.A.and later a
citizen which then she brought her mom to the U.S.Both that trip In august 1982 to bring Marie to the U.S.was also doing the reign
Of jean claude Duvalier.

I myself found Haiti dous. we went to the beach called Le lambi It was really nice.
I remember we went to a little shop In bizoton and the owner of the shop did not believe that I was american the shop owner said gade monsieur li noir mem jan avek mouin, li gin gro ne mem jan avek
Mouin gin le se blag nap fe le nou di monsieur se american.

I would assume that at that time the only americans he had seen or heard of were all white americans and not blacks.

Eventhough I am jewish american and a descendent of africans I still consider Haiti as my country also because Haiti gave me Marie
From Carrefour.

we have 2 grandchildren especially the oldest which Is 6 years old who speak creole fluently because of the grandmother who does not speak english.


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