That is interesting jr, now you have everybody wondering if...

Ouvejew - March 27 2011, 9:35 AM

That is interesting jr, now you have everybody wondering if Aristide returning as president, back then, was constitutional since he resided 3 years outside of Haiti.

Furthermore, how come Wyclef was allowed to vote when he did not meet residency criteria of 5 years to a presidential candidate.

This one is even better, what was Preval doing as president, isn't he a dominican?

I say that the whole election is unconstitutional, because nowhere in the constitution does it say that foreigners have to pay for our elections and that foreign troops must guard our ballots.

Wasn't it a real thrill to see a nepalese soldier inside the tabulation office.

I suppose that is not an issued.

I want to declare the 1987 Constitution illegal, because the people did not vote for it. Let us put the constitutional articles to a vote - the one we have sucks.

Erase the CEP forever and come up with a better set up for the people.

Once the CEP gets in the business of telling the press what to say about information that is of the public domain, then you have a breach of authority.

Who the hell is the CEP anyway, get rid of it in the constitution once and for all.


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