When you say they have failed, like they were tried to do...

Richelle - March 27 2011, 7:48 AM

When you say they have failed, like they were tried to do something.They never try to do nothing for the country nor the people.They just a bunch of crooks, who do not give a damn about the reality.

yo se bamm ti sousou, restavek American.All of them should have been destroy by the earthquake.

Wherever they live it should have been especial earthquake just for them. Aristide should be the first one and the rest of them except Jean claude.

Micky will succeed because he do not have restave mentality.Tout moun kap joure pou mirlande yo, tout se restavek ti sousou.

Yo pavle change yo comfortable like that se sakfe yo pavle we michel.But he wins!Haiti will have a new face when things start turn around.

I Hope michel do not associate himself with that old manigat lady in his administration.

He needs to bring young face, not old wrinkle face.


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