Haitians Can Be Saved Through Their Own Holy Scriptures

Toulimen Legrand - March 26 2011, 3:14 PM

I have to jump in this discussion since Joubert is not responding this week. One thing that I would love to say is this no one needs to be Christian to carry in him or her some spirituality.

The Greatness of the Holy Almighty One is not GOD meaning Greed, Order and Divisiveness.

When Americans are saying GOD, they are teaching their fellow citizens to be more Greedy and to pass Order to others without caring for their well being as well as dividing them in many steps of their ways. That is what those Christian missionaries are doing in Haiti as Charognards of Humanity i.e. humanity skunks.

Those charognards as working in those NGOs are dividing us and we will be poorer than ever. It is time to be ourselves.

We can still use the White men Christian bible to complete our own Haitian Holy Book. We need to return to our roots to be saved.

We need to value our Founding Fathers more than anyone else as being intermediaries between ourselves and The Greatness of the Almighty One. We will be saved not through the white men's doctrinal scriptures but through our own Holy Scriptures.

Haitians need to be Haitians and not Christians.

Each Haitian Spiritual Guide should use the best of all types of spiritual doctrines to guide their followers.

They don't need to stick with only the Christian doctrines to guide their followers.

Leave that slavery book to the white men and be ourselves by combining the best of all into your own holy book and there will come wisdom, peace and redemption for all Haitians.

We can be redeemed through our own spirituality and not in the spirituality as written by the white men for the former black slaves to respect their masters as intermediaries between their GOD and themselves.

That is what the bible is about.

Haitians cannot be redeemed through the white men written bible.

For their salvation, they need to have their own Holy Scriptures and no one can prevent them from writing their own holy scriptures.

All Haitian Spiritual Guides should write their own bible versions by crediting other holy books such as Holy Guran, Torah, Bible and Baghavad Gitta to name a few. In all those so-called holy books, Haitian spiritual leaders could deduct some wisdom and combined with their own culture will give them a framework to write their own bible version for their own salvation.

We cannot be saved through the white men belief systems as emerged from the slavery practices.

The Bible cannot be holy for Haitians as being descent from slavery.

The Bible was created to impose slavery on our ancestors and to make us forgive white men for their racist institution as called slavery and with no punition on them. With the Bible, they can still be considered as our masters since they are the masters of our own elites in Haiti.

Using the Bible as our salvation book makes us become maids of the Haitian elites as they are themselves maids of the white men. We need to reverse this cycle and free ourselves from this slavery-dependency cycle.

We can only be saved through our own holy scriptures sealed by the faith of our Founding Fathers and ourselves.

We can do it and it will be easy to do. I hope that you understand my point of from replying to this posting.

I don't ask you to reject your faith as a spiritual leader, but I am advising to write your own holy book after combining the wisdom of other holy books including the bible to save yourself and your followers.

We will be saved through our Founding Fathers and ourselves and not to the Jesus Christ of the white men.

I love Jesus not as a savior but as one of the Greatest Teachers of all times for saying this: "The son of men has not come on earth to be praised and adored but to be served." As such, he wants us to serve others and not to be adorators of him. We don't need to pray him to be saved as ordered by white men but he wants us to serve peacefully and carefully others.

In Haiti, we need to learn how to serve well our fellow Haitian citizens.

We need to know how to serve well our women.

We need to perceive them as equals and not as our maids to be saved.

We need to stop lying to others and we need to treat all well with love, dignity and respect.

By doing so, we will be saved through Jesus, our Founding Fathers, other Holy Teachers and ourselves.

We need to be humans to serve others as Jesus instructed us to do so. We can be saved not only through the bible but through many other spiritual teachings for the Greatness of The Holy Almighty One. May his/her holiness and peace be upon you!

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