Haitien suspend fait madigra

Peter - March 26 2011, 10:56 AM

haitien people it is time to change, why do not try to see ours country first than money because every nation know Martelly will the next president, also Mirlande to be respect when people do not vote for you, accept to be a looser.

Sometime we need conscience with yourself, focus about people who can't eat or do not house.

We can do more because we get too much ambition, we do not care people, we care about ourselve.

Money canno't give you happiness but other nation do not we are smart because we do everything for money, sell election, sell brother or sister.

However money we become the white will not have respect for you because we do not have a country and you are black Haitien people however where you from.Try keep sell election, try to be honest and we can go far.

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