Jeffrey, My apologies if I'm misconstruing you, but I get...

Toussaint - March 23 2011, 2:56 PM


My apologies if I'm misconstruing you, but I get impression from you that voodooism has no affiliation whatsoever with the leader of the fallen angels, Lucifer.

Consequently, if you are not disassociating voodooism from the lord of evil (Satan), then please enlighten me of how an individual who practices voodoo, a follower of the devil, and who is evilly spirited exhibit any sense of good-will toward another person?

They are not purposed to manifest God's will. They are satanic, and always have an earnest desire to inflict misery and melancholy on others.

Hence, this is the state of mind of those Haitians.

Thus, in essence you are indeed correct in regard to Haiti's problem being the result of (some) Haitians state of mind. And I'm trying to convey to you that voodooism is reprehensible for such diabolical state of mind, and the rationale as you proclaimed they "continue to divide for weakness in darkness."

Jeffrey, are you aware that Papa Doc was a voodoo priest?

Are you also aware that every single Haitian president after him either practiced voodoo or linked to it to a certain extent?

Even Aristide, a former priest, was rumored to have been engaged in human sacrifice.

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My point is, Toussaint, that may be we need to look...

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