It all depends on whether the next President desires to...

Renaldo Francois - March 22 2011, 7:56 PM

It all depends on whether the next President desires to succeed in a way that previous presidents didn't. The circumstances that have led up to the recent election will actually serve to incentivize success in the critical areas of the Nation's needs.

Even though attention has waned in the last year, Haiti still enjoys a fair amount of international attention.

In fact, I would say that Haiti is enjoying unprecedented attention and scrutiny.

Thus, it will be more difficult for the next administration to politic in the same way that previous administrations have. The pressure will be on by the international community for this next president to produce acceptable results.

More importantly, I think we will see unprecedented steps to control the aid that the government receives so that donors have a little more assurance that the money is being spent wisely.

Thus, the next administration has very little room to allow the same kinds of corrupt behavior that has been the staple of past administrations.


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