RE: Haiti Election 2011

Webert Amilcar - March 22 2011, 5:45 PM

Election won't change the real needs of haitian "PEOPLE".What the peoples of "HAITI" really need are education, and reeducation."EDUCATION" for the "NON-EDUCATED" haitian people and reeducation for the skilled ones. According to me, just because the majority can not tell which is which between the good and the bad sometimes; most of the time their choices are wrong.

It is about time that they focus on "EDUCATION", and make it a reality afterwards.

We will respect our own life, and the life of others aswell.

Also, we (Haitians) will be able to properly choose our candidates, globally respect the haitian people, other nation that lives or pays visit to "HAITI" and also what others possess etc. Reeducation is for the so called schooled haitian people such as doctors, teachers, athletes, journalists, lawyers, police officers, taxi drivers, students, businessman, businesswoman, politicians.

They think their choices, their jugements, their comprehensions, their visions, their solutions are better and surpasses anybody else, it is the case sometimes.But, if you are wrong too, you definitely need to admit it and present your excuse.

I mention reeducation because some of the skilled haitian people belongs to the past and their ideas need to be updated.

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Chrito says...

hey you you talking shit not becuz they vote micky 4 you, u think they dont have edication ccz aristide n preval have edication what the fuck they... more »