All politics starts somewhere. Politics is having a good...

Garry Destin - March 22 2011, 5:33 PM

All politics starts somewhere.

Politics is having a good vision then put it in application.

Why our politicians have failed is because they never had a vision this is why all of then used the poor and the uneducated to get elected then once they get there, they keep them poorer and more destitute.

We finally gave up and thought that's Haiti.

Now new age politics, they can't use the poor for food anymore.

Thanx to Haitian net .com, tweeter, Facebook etc all Haitians all type got to say enough is enough.

We even hade the debate where they could lay out their vision and show case their resume thanx to that company and the new age journalists.

It showed that Manigat had great but useless experience, sorry for saying useless because her resume is weak.
After the debat, thanx again to the media we got to see the true side of Aristide accompanied Manigat other wise we would have fallen in the same trap.
Michel doesn't have a great resume but his vision showcases towards our youths which is more impotent because they are the future leaders.

Education is the key to success and this is why our old politician used it against our youths.

If Martely's vision succeeds, within twenty years, Haiti might become what it was ought to be "one of the great nation"
Being one of the great is not impossible in fact it is easier than being the poorest.

Every great politics starts with an impossible dream.

One just has to make the dream become a real vision then a challenge then a brain binder then an achievement.

After years, that dream becomes a Deja-vu.
All our youngsters been hungry for innovations and challenges all they need is a leader to show them the way; one who will not blame slavery or the white man.
Blaming white man is the lowest of the low. Using your people then point fingers at the one you just sold them to. Low class escape gaotting.

All I have said can be shorten to Just this name, Henry Christophe.

By the way to correct Aristide on his quote about Ted Roosevelt,
Roosevelt said "Not even a country like Haiti has anything to offer to the USA"
Yamamoto is the one who said "you have woken up a sleeping giant" referring to Japan.

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