I am so sorry Sir, you dont seem to understand my point, I...

Dr. D - March 22 2011, 3:02 PM

I am so sorry Sir, you dont seem to understand my point, I wasnt talking about that money.

every time Aristide come to power the international would put an embargo against him, so the stop him from doing much for the of haiti.

You know, the other day, I was thinking about something.

For the private to kick Aristide out, there was a new proposal from them entitled: "LE NOUVEAU PLAN SOCIAL" where is this plan?

why is it that y'all only criticizing Arisitde only and not these people who are responsible for more than 54% of the country's wealth.

Instead of questioning what Aristide have done, why not asking these people about their true agenda in Haiti.

They make their money in Haiti they ought to spend some of that money in Haiti.

You see, these people dont care about you or would they care about Haiti.

If we are really searching for a solution to our problem we need to stop looking at only one angle.

Aristide is not Haiti's problem neither JeanClaude, nor Martelly would be the solution.

we will need to have all the country's involvement in other to upset what has been done to us. After Cuba in the Caribbean, we have more beaches that anybody else. We also have more MILLIONAIRES than anybody in the region.

A rich Diaspora, doctors-Architec-Nurses-Scientists-Professors-Ingeneers-Teachers-Investors-Labourers-Artists-Singers --etc....

We have it all. What we need now is a new conversation, a new mentality, something to believe in again.

And the time is now, now, as the world is asking themself where is the future, because they have used almost everything they've got. We need to step up and start using what we've got plenty off. Riches that are bountiful in the interior of Mother Haiti.

We are a rich country, instead of devouring each other, why not use that same energy to conquer and claim what is ours; "DIGNITY".

I can love Aristide, and you hate him we are still friend.

We need to learn to disagree to agree.

There's nothing wrong with differences, that's what make life so intereting.

I dont need to like what you like, I dont need to be like you for us to be friend or it wouldn't make sense.

Haitians of all way of life, THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO MEET AT THAT TABLE, UNITING IN ONE SPIRIT, "THE REBIRTH OF OUR BELOVED HAITI" WE CAN DO IT AND WE MUST DO IT. So, you anti-Aristide and pro-Aristide out there, it's time to quit your hatred and see our beautiful country.

I am proud to call myself a pro-Aristide and I hope do the same, calling yourself an anti-Aritide without hatred and discord.

Let us see instead the big picture.

When Cancer is killing you, you cannot see it, this statement is as true as what is really going on with our country.

The forces that killing Haiti softly are force you and cannot see, especially divided.

Let's unite so we may take control of our destiny.

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