Savanette Haiti Election Day - LAVNI Candidate Spoils The Priocess

Haiti Election 2010 News - March 20 2011, 12:39 PM

Savannette Haiti, Section Communale Konlobye - There is a news report that a Depute candidate from the political party LAVNI spoiled the election in that area.

Radio stations are saying that the LAVNI candidate destroyed the polling station and ripped most of the ballots.

The opponent from the political party INITE says the other candidate is afraid that he might win so he decides to spoil the elections.

Kisa-w tande?

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Haaaaa says...

They both should be put on Live TV and the one that can say this the faster is the winner SET TET CHAT NAN SET SAC SE SA MIN SE PA CHAK SAC KI GIN... more »