My friend did you know aristide built school that has been...

Mitch - March 19 2011, 11:40 PM

My friend did you know aristide built school that has been transformed barrack by his oponents and governement after him?

Did you know he has been teaching poor kids and orphans all his priestly and post priestly career?

Did you know he has built hospital that is still working and even when he was in and out of power?

were you just ignorant of all thesse or just playing the tunes.

Did you know he raised many people out of poverty by giving low interest or no interest loans to small Merchants in Haiti as way to lift them out poverty?Did you know he is the only Politician in haiti who has done those things when he was in power and out power?I will respectfully ask you to

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That's great. This is how things should be instead of...

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Name one school and one hospital and where about?

I am sorry but yo need to know the whole story all...

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