Manigat and Aristide, don't you dare call Haitians your children again

Garry Destin - March 19 2011, 4:22 PM

One thing I would like to tell Aristide and Manigat, the word MOTHERE and the word FATHER are the most precious words.

You will never be my mother or father.

Those who call a stranger manman papa untel are nothing butt kisser and low thinkers in a word Pied sec. Except out of respect for an elder.

So don't let Manigat and Aristide insult like that.
If Aristide was a good father to Haiti, he would have treated you same as his two daughters.

Making sure you have schools to go to and a future prepared.

Manigat the same. All the years she spent in Haiti's politics, what did she achieve, nothing.

What did she do, nothing but making money out of her so call children.

So F....U don't include me in you your children crap.
My mother loved me more then her two eyes, she would trade her life for mine. The word mother is too precious to mess with.

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They are sick people,geneticly derrange,both of them...

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