For three years Aristide and his serpents collected close to...

Ensam Ensam - March 19 2011, 11:49 AM

For three years Aristide and his serpents collected close to 300 million US dollars from the diaspora and US and foreign companies for the Lavalas Coorporative agenda.

Any body knows what happened to that money?

I know someone that took a second mortgage from their house in Miami to donate for that agenda, and was waiting to go back to Haiti.

To make a long story short, she is still living in Miami.

Until the Haitian poor learn how to read and to think in political bluff we need the likes of Michel Martelly who is with the pulse of the youth.

He will not give them rice and guns to go and terrorize the working class of Haiti.

Michel brings fun, music and opportunity for a new Haiti.

En Avant! Mate kompa'a nan dingong yo.

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Mwen ta rinmin ou denonce Duvalier mem jan ou...

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