Yes I welcome his comments after he realizes that the Haitian...

Toulimen Legrand - March 18 2011, 7:07 PM

Yes I welcome his comments after he realizes that the Haitian society fails to take care or solve its crucial problems.

It is the time for the Haitian society to heal while kicking out of Haiti those criminal agents from the CIA that keep spreading divisions among us. The CIA criminals must be out of Haiti so we can solve our social and economic problems.

CIA is the number one monster that keeps dividing Haitians and they are responsible for coups d'etats on our Haitian soil. They are every where and in many NGOs in Haiti.

We must watch them carefully and kick them out of Haiti for a better Haitian society.

We must call that Haiti is for Haitians and we welcome all people who are not in Haiti to divide us or capitalize on our problems.

He is a good guy and I congratulate him for his wise comments.

Good job Guy Phillipe and we are with you!

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